Tɦis Ρupρy ʂleepʂ Lɨke As If Ɨt Wαs ‘Turned Off’ And Ɨt Looks Ridiculously Cutes

Nothing can melt a heart faster than a cute puppy, that’s for sure. So get ready to fall in love with our newest canine discovery that is sure to steal your hearts. Paningning, the adorable Shih Tzu pup from the Philippines, became famous due to her unusual sleeping position lying down on her back with an exposed belly. The cute pup already has the irresistible charm to become an internet sensation to begin with. But it was her hilarious sleeping habit that made her go viral on social media.

Dogs commonly sleep on their side with their legs extended while some sleep with their heads resting on top of their paws. Canines feel most vulnerable when they’re asleep. As an instinctive behavior, they keep their bellies hidden while they sleep as the belly is their most vulnerable body part. Hence, it is rare to see a dog sleep on its back baring its belly. And if you happen to see your dog sleeping in this unusual position, don’t assume that something is wrong with your pet. It’s an indication that your dog is super comfortable around you. Not to mention, they look really cute sleeping with their belly up.

Meet Paningning, The Puppy With Unusual Sleeping Habit That Is Cute Beyond Words

Janess Cua, Paningning’s owner, explained that the puppy has been sleeping that way since birth. Aside from her human-like sleeping position, Paningning often drifts off in unusual places – sometimes with a relaxed face and sometimes with an open mouth. Cua thought it would be nice to share some photos of Paningning in hilarious sleeping positions on the Facebook page Dog Lovers Philippines where she is currently a member. But never did she expect that the photos would go viral.

One of her fans created an Instagram page dedicated to the ‘viral puppy who sleeps on her back’. When the page started amassing a huge following, the person who created the page later turned the account over to Cua. So they can keep thousands of Paningning’s fans updated with her latest photos and videos. Furthermore, her followers could directly ask questions about the adorable puppy directly to the owner.

Paningning is one of Cua’s 11 dogs and she had clarified several times that her canine babies are not for sale. On the recurrent question on what does the name ‘Paningning’ mean, Cua said that the puppy was originally named ‘Maningning’, the Filipino term of ‘bright’. But her daughter kept on mispronouncing the pup’s name for ‘Paningning’ which eventually became the official name.

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