Joy as Lady welcomes twins, her first time of being a mom, this is beautiful

Lady identified as Janelle has taken to social media sharing her testimony as she welcomes twins just her first time of being a mom. Is this not a great miracle?

Her first time, her first motherhood experience came out with double bundles of Joy.

Most times we don’t need to experience challenges before we can fathom God’s miracle.

Yes, We understood that being a mother and childbirth experience isn’t an easy task. It is not something we can just overlook, you know starting from the conceptual stage to the gestation period, the labor room experience and finally having your baby and everyone in perfect condition is a great miracle.

While sharing her testimony on social media, in her words she wrote:

I LOVE it here!

Y’all these babies have stolen my heart. And I have a feeling life will never be the same again.

3 things I’ve learned in the last week being a new Mommy.

1/ All the fears I had before having them (like not being ready or not being a good enough mom) are still there, but they are starting to seem silly. Because the way I love these two I would do just about ANYTHING to make sure they are good. So if you feel that way you’re not alone but YOU GOT THIS!

2/ A lot of the advice ppl have given me about their experience that worked with one baby (particularly pertaining to sleeping & breastfeeding

schedules) do NOT work with newborn twins. At least not mine. And I appreciate the tips, but for me if the advice makes me stressed just hearing it, it might not be for me (or you).

3/ Babies literally pee and poop around the freaking clock.

Especially twins. I mean ppl told me but nobody can prepare you for the storm that’s ahead.

So if you are pregnant and preparing, no matter how many diapers you have, it’s not enough. Get more!

Congratulations to you mom! Your home is blessed.

To all the awaiting mom’s get ready to carry your child.

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